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Enjoy a moment of rest and relaxation while dining on authentic Japanese cuisine

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Authentic Japanese cuisine, crafted with the finest ingredients at Mayfair London

London Japanese Sushi Bar

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Weclome to Cubé Mayfair

Japanese Sushi Restaurant at Mayfair London

Our team of specialists at Cubé strives to deliver exceptional quality, Sushi and Japanese cuisine in the heart of London’s Mayfair.

Our main Japanese Sushi Bar on the ground floor
London Japanese Sushi Bar
Japanese Sushi Bar
Our second Japanese Sushi Bar on the lower ground floor

“Authentic, Intimate, and Refined”

Our unique space has been crafted to enhance your luxury dining experience. The restaurant boasts its distinctive double-sushi bars, which means that the highly coveted bar-space for our renowned Omakase course is now available to serve more than ever.
At Cubé, our Japanese chefs artfully blend authentic cuisine with the finest, locally sourced ingredients to create unforgettable meals.
Furthermore, our passion to serve the finest quality cuisine is deeply rooted in our philosophy.
For instance, we prioritise sourcing high-quality ingredients to ensure that a continuous supply of sustainably sourced produce remains available for future generations.

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Japanese Restaurant in London Mayfair

Meaning of Cube, Thoughts on the Logo

The Japanese word "Cubé" is composed of two Chinese characters: "heart" and "rest. The meaning of the word "Cubé" is a place where one's heart can rest. We hope that our customers can enjoy a moment of rest and relaxation while dining on authentic Japanese cuisine.

Cubé Exclusive

Japanese Nigiri Sushi

Cubé Omakase

Omakase means “to entrust” in Japanese. At Cubé, we specialise in the art of Omakase ;
Our head-chef designs a unique course for the customer’ s pleasure dependent on the availability of the freshest available seasonal ingredients. Our Omakase course is available every day at Cubé. Unusually, we boast two sushi bars, spanning across two different floors, as we want to provide an exceptional Omakase experience. However, please note that as our Omakase course is served directly over the bar. Therefore, you must have reserved bar-space seating. If the seating option is unavailable when booking online, please try other time slots or call the restaurant directly.


While we stock numerous quality wines and a variety of premium drinks, at Cubé, we hold a specialist collection of diverse and award-winning Japanese alcohol. Our carefully selected pairings will certainly enhance your dining experience.

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